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This community was started from local music posts in its sibling community philadelphia. This is a place to talk about your favorite local bands, local venues, and music related things to do in Philly. While it is perfectly fine to promote your band here, please do not solely use this group as promo for your gigs, contribute in other ways!

Due to the overwhelming amount of off-topic and otherwise abusive posts lately. (I am tired of deleting everything). This community is now moderated.

It's pretty easy to get something approved for posting.
1) Posts must be about local philly music.
2) Don't Disable comments--this is a community not a news service
3) Off topic posts and posts with disabled comments will not be approved.

What's off topic? Posts asking for to meet people around the city. Posts asking about/advertising shows by non-local artists. It's really easy to stay within these rules so let's try to.

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